Developing a Sober Support Network

Most importantly, your support posse will be right there for you during the times recovery success is threatened, guiding you through the challenge. The journey begins when you enter treatment and discontinue use of the substance, but rehab is only the launch pad to recovery. To achieve and maintain a long-term substance-free life involves cultivating a sober living network, consisting of family and friends, recovery groups, mentors or sponsors, counselors, and pastors. These individuals surround you with invisible scaffolding, supporting you as you dodge and weave your way through the sometimes-rocky landscape of recovery.

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Rather than getting overly attached to a friendship, it is important to practice mindfulness and allow the friendship to continue to grow and evolve over weeks, months, and potentially years. People move, their schedules change, and other relationships start or end. It is a great thing to find a new friend and enjoy spending time with that person, but it is also important to allow that friendship to evolve as needed without judgment. Yoga is a great addition to recovery and an excellent way to meet positive people—so is a tai chi or art class. You can learn how to play an instrument or Japanese, whatever it is that interests you. Join a gardening collective or book club, enroll in a community college course, or volunteer at a homework club for kids. Anything you enjoy doing that decreases your stress levels will help put you in contact with other people who are also living a positive life.

Outpatient/ Inpatient Rehab

I have built up this vast array of recovery-related phone numbers 1 at a time over the past 4 years. Treatment for substance use disorder should be tailored to your specific needs. This article reviews treatment options for substance use disorder. The first evidence-based app, Connections provides social engagement, medical referrals, virtual therapy, and progress tracking. This is an online forum for anyone recovering from substance use disorder. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many traditional groups like AA have started to hold regular virtual meetings. But there are also support groups that have always existed purely online.

what sober networking is and why it is important

Many of these people have been through the same struggles you are going through and can relate to any issues you may be having. As we are sure you’ve noticed, there is a lot of information out there about substance abuse and treatment. For family and friends to understand what you’re going sober networking through, they need to learn more about substance abuse, about the types of treatment available, and about what you are doing and feeling! It’s not always easy, but the first step is to have frank conversations about what you are going through and what you need to keep moving forward.

Sober Grid Overview

When you have a sober support network, you are surrounded by healthy people. These individuals motivate you to work your recovery program to its’ fullest. Not only will they be present when things go well, they will also support you when your recovery is on shaky ground. Ultimately, their insight and assistance keeps you focused on staying sober.

  • I consider myself one of the lucky ones who has been walking this path for almost 30 years now.
  • If you want something from someone, it best to ask for it specifically, or you are not likely to get what you want.
  • Healthy, sober relationships lead to self-confidence, healthy lifestyle choices, and can go a long way toward enjoying a happy and fulfilling life in sobriety.
  • Positive peer pressure comes in the form of people encouraging you to make healthy decisions.
  • The fact that most of your support network will consist of other people in recovery means that your honesty may sometimes be tested.

Deirdre graduated in 2012 from Pace University and completed her bachelor’s at Columbia University in New York and has her Master of Science in Family Nurse Practitioner. Deirdre has extensive experience in mental health and treating substance use disorder related issues. In addition, Deirdre has experience in caring for young adults, women’s health issues and adolescents with HIV/AIDS.

Always Connected

It’s all about trying different things and discovering what works best for you. Community can make all the difference in recovery and sober living. I understand that the data I am submitting will be used to provide me with the above-described products and/or services and communications in connection therewith. Developing more inclusive, alcohol-free company events such as a movie or book club, sports tournament, or group volunteer days. The mobile-only Sober Grid was created as a way to find other sober people in the real world around you.

Learning to listen is essential to my recovery, and building up my defenses against a relapse. The authors would like to thank the entire Sober Grid team for their work in building recovery support services for those who need them. Using the Check-in feature we defined the variable relapse (check-in) as the number of check-ins per user that identify “staying sober” as False (i.e., not checked by user during check-in prompt).

It’s definitely true that your recovery is completely up to you. While you put in the work to stay sober, having a support system in place is a major part of your recovery plan. When you have family, friends and other recovery allies in your corner, you make healthy choices regarding your sobriety and your life. Ultimately, support networks in recovery help you help yourself. As you continue to work on staying sober, you will encounter many challenges. A sober support group gives you the golden opportunity to talk through those challenges that come your way. Many who are in your sober support network will have encountered similar struggles and will have insights on how to work through them in a healthy manner.

  • Founded on mutual understanding and support, these friends become more than clients, more than a network, and even more than a team.
  • These professionals play an important role in helping you maintain your life of recovery and stay healthy.
  • In contrast, Celebrate Recovery is a Bible-focused recovery group.
  • Mountainside is proud to be 1 of only 7 addiction treatment centers in the United States to hold a 3.7 ASAM certification as well as dual accreditation from CARF International and The Joint Commission.
  • Learning how to connect with loved ones and make new friends is one of the best things for anyone who is in recovery.

But if a bond develops naturally at your home group, and you both have more than a year, then you might consider exploring that. You likely consider that person to be a part of your support network already. Just don’t rush into things and risk creating tensions within your home group if things go south. Now, it stands to reason that you’re going to be constructing your support network primarily to include other people in recovery. If you went through treatment, then you likely met some strong candidates over the course of the recovery process.

Broken and Bleeding: Emotional Trauma and Substance Use Disorder

Our Texas rehab facility also has a sober living residence to help patients transition from residential treatment to regular daily life. Family members may or may not initially be a great source of support in recovery. However, taking the time to attend family therapy sessions and begin the work of rebuilding those key life relationships can eventually lead to strong bonds that help you to maintain long-term recovery. It can be incredibly beneficial to spend time with people who are living life to the fullest without drugs and alcohol—and who encourage you to do the same.

what sober networking is and why it is important

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